Clifford's Parent Teacher Association is Going Strong! 祈福英校国际部家委会焕发勃勃生机!

The CIS Parent Teacher Association met last Thursday to wrap up a great first semester of the 2021-2022 school year. They have had a productive start to the year! The PTA organized school volunteers who planned and led special interest classes with our elementary students. They also donated and decorated the school lobby to keep our school festive during the month of December. Finally, they wrapped up 2021 with our first ever movie night!


祈福英校国际部家委会于上周四召开了2021-2022 学年第一学期总结大会。本学年国际部家委会组织了一系列活动,广受好评。他们招募了家长志愿者,与小学老师一起为小学生们带去了别具一格的社会实践活动;同时还布置装饰了国际部一楼大厅,让学生们感受到了12月浓浓的节日氛围。本学期家委会组织的最后一个活动是国际部有史以来的第一个电影之夜,学生们都非常享受。


The primary goal of our PTA committee is to strengthen the partnership between the school and our community. We want to create a village to raise our students in an engaging and challenging environment. The PTA is active in raising funds for school activities. At the movie night, the PTA booths earned nearly 8000 RMB! This money will go back into the school activities to support programming for our students. Finally, the PTA provides an opportunity for parents to get involved at the school. Students whose parents are involved in the school do better academically, so more parent involvement provides this benefit as well.



The CIS Parent Teacher Association does not have a formal leadership structure. Instead, they work as a team to develop and plan initiatives. We will be providing financial reports that will be made available for parents at the end of every school term. We would like to thank all of the parents who have been participating in the PTA this year.



If you are interested in attending PTA planning meetings, please let your homeroom teacher know or contact the administration at


如果您有兴趣加入家委会活动筹划会议,请联系学生的班主任或通过电子邮件 联系学校行政部门

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    Ms. McLennan (Wednesday, 12 January 2022 07:12)

    Great job PTA! Thanks for all your hard work!