Teacher of the Year – Ms.Tanis Klein 年度优秀教师—Tanis Klein 老师

Every year a teacher from our international school is recognized for their outstanding contributions to our school. This year I would like to congratulate Tanis Klein on earning this honour!


祈福英语实验学校每年都会表彰各部门的优秀员工,这些员工都为学校的发展做出了杰出的贡献。国际部今年推选了Tanis Klein老师,让我们致以热烈的祝贺。


Ms. Klein joined Clifford International School in 2014 as our elementary art teacher. She changed roles to secondary art teacher in 2016, and has been teaching our high school students since that time.


Tanis Klein老师于 2014 年加入祈福英校国际部,担任我校的小学美术老师。 2016 年她转任中学美术老师至今,一直致力于高中美术教学。

Ms. Klein is an exceptional art teacher. Since she joined the school, our art curriculum has expanded to include pottery and clay sculpting, stone carving, weaving, digital art, and installation art. She also started offering AP Art in 2019.


Tanis Klein老师是一位杰出的美术老师。自从她加入国际部以来,我们的美术课程已经扩展到包括陶器和泥塑、石雕、编织、数字化艺术和装饰艺术。2019 年开始,她还担任大学先修课--美术科的任课老师。


Her contribution to the school community has also been significant. She started our first Art Week in 2014, and in 2019 she founded our fashion club, which culminates every year in our popular fashion show.


在做好教学工作的同时,她也开展了很多有意义的美术活动。 2014 年开始,Tanis Klein老师每年都会组织师生开展美术周活动;2019 年她创立了国际部的时尚俱乐部,且该俱乐部每年举办的时装秀是最受学生欢迎的活动之一!

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