Looking back at Week 2 本周回顾

Pink Shirt Day is Coming!  粉红衬衫日又来了!


This week in art class the elementary students designed T-Shirts for our Pink Shirt Day. The students were challenged to draw an image representing Pink Shirt Day and to use our slogan “Lift Each Other Up” in their design. We will hold a competition later this week to vote on which design will be on our official Pink Shirt for September 30th. 


在本周的美术课上,小学生为我校的粉红衬衫日(9月30日)设计了 T 恤。学生们要画一幅关于粉红衬衫日的画作,且作品中要融入今年粉红衬衫日的宣传语“互相支持”。我们将在本周晚些时候举行一场比赛,投票决定今年粉色衬衫将采用的设计。

Elementary Library  小学图书馆


The start of a new school year is an exciting time for all students and staff! In their library classes, our grade 5 students focused on community building and teamwork. We kicked off the year with exciting games such as, “people bingo.” The students engaged with new friends and learned something unique about old ones. 


新学年的开始对所有学生和教职员工来说都是令人期待的!在小学的图书馆课程中, 5 年级的学生正在学习社区建设和团队合作。学生们以新颖有趣的游戏“宾果人”拉开了这一年的序幕。他们结识了新朋友,但同时也在老朋友身上获益良多。

Grade 10 Science  十年级科学课


This week grade 10 students made presentations about ecological interactions. Students each chose one type of interaction to illustrate with an example from wildlife. Students presented about predation, competition, mutualism, commensalism, and parasitism. 


本周 10 年级的学生就生态互动开展了一次演讲。学生们每人选择一种互动方式,以野生动物为例进行说明。学生们介绍了捕食、竞争、互惠、共生和寄生等各种方式。

Grade 11 History 十一年级历史课


This week, grade 11 and 12 students taking History of Canada prepared research into significant events from world history for presentation as visual media.


本周,学习加拿大历史的 11 年级和 12 年级学生准备研究世界历史中的重大事件,并用视觉媒体的方式呈现。

Grade 9/10 Drama  9/10 年级戏剧


Students taking drama 9 and 10 wrote, rehearsed, and performed dialogues on the stage in front of their classmates.


9 年级和 10十年级戏剧课的学生再舞台上进行了写作、排练,并在同学们面前进行了表演。

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