Pink Shirt Day Competition 粉红衬衫日设计比赛

Every year at Clifford International School we recognize Pink Shirt Day. On this day students all wear pink shirts to recognize the good that people can do by standing up to bullying. By refusing to be a bystander, every child has the power to stop bullying.



This year on September 30 we invite all students from grades 1 to 12 to wear pink t-shirts to show their commitment to stop bullying. Students are welcome to wear any pink shirt on this day. The elementary students had a competition to design a pink shirt, and we are selling shirts with the winning design.


今年 9 月 30 日,我们邀请所有 1 至 12 年级的学生穿上粉红色的 T 恤,这是他们承诺停止欺凌的方式。我们鼓励所有学生在这一天穿粉红色的衬衫。小学生们参加了设计粉红衬衫的比赛,学校会出售获奖者设计的衬衫。

This year’s shirts will have the following design, created by 5B Mia Gibson. Congratulations on being voted the winning design! 


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