Ray Schneider

Secondary School Principal
Nationality: Canadian

Education: B. Ed., Pre-M. Ed
Experience: 23 years


Kevin O'Brien

Elementary Principal
Nationality: Canadian
Education: B. Arts., B. Ed., Graduate Diploma in Educational Counseling

Experience: 36 years


Kathleen McLennan

Dean of Curriculum and Instruction

Nationality: Canadian

Education: B.Ed. in French and Math 

Experience: 18 years


Sylvain Naud

Dean of Students

Nationality: Canadian

Education: B.A., M.Ed.

Experience: 16 years


Louis Scanlan

Guidance Counsellor

Nationality:  Canadian

Education:  B.A., B.Ed.

Experience:  25+ years 



Kevin Jones

Asst. Guidance Counsellor

Nationality: American

Education:  B.A., B.Ed.

Experience: 12 years 


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