Clifford International Silent Auction 祈福英校国际部无声拍卖会
16 June 2022
Clifford international school would like to thank all of our sponsors for an incredibly successful Silent Auction! 祈福英校国际部要感谢我们所有的赞助商,此次的无声拍卖会非常成功!

Clifford's Parent Teacher Association is Going Strong! 祈福英校国际部家委会焕发勃勃生机!
12 January 2022
The CIS Parent Teacher Association met last Thursday to wrap up a great first semester of the 2021-2022 school year. They have had a productive start to the year!

Halloween at CIS 英校国际部万圣节来啦!
01 November 2021
This week our secondary students celebrated Halloween on Thursday. Middle school students decorated pumpkins, played Halloween games, did spooky Breakout EDU, and competed to capture the pumpkin. High school students watched scary movies and had a costume contest. Congratulations to our winners!

Celebrating Student Learning 学生表彰
01 November 2021
For the month of September, I asked the Grade 4 and art teachers to submit student work for recognition. Below you will find pictures of the students, their work, and a reflection on that work from both the teacher and the student. Enjoy!