Letter to all Clifford School Parents re: Field Construction Project

Dear parents,

It is regretful to see Clifford School’s plan of the sports field upgrade and underground garage construction project being misunderstood. There have been inaccurate remarks without resorting to the reliable information and facts, which are:

1.     Clifford School highly values its communication with the parents of students and this case is of no exception. On the 19th of October, the school, through WeChat (WeiXin) and other channels available, sent a letter to parents, providing them with information about the said project, with the feasibility and necessity of the project well explained. A copy of this letter is being resent (attached) for your convenience.

2.     As a private institute following the international standards, Clifford School offers excellent educational programs to students of families of the community embracing our philosophies. Its tuition income is provided back to its students in the form of quality education services, with a spacious and well-equipped sports field included. The said project is for the interests of the students and will bring convenience to the parents and faculties.

3.     There has been incorrect information that “some students have been injured”.  There are no cases of any student being physically affected or injured because of the project.

4.     Many parents and the school faculties offer their support to the project, are well aware of the project’s importance to the students, parents, community, and the long-term development of the school. However, the school will see to it that the construction company does its best in reducing the dusts and noises.        

5.     The duration of the project, through professional calculation by the engineers, is estimated to be about 9 months. This duration has been clearly pointed out in the letter to parents and students from the school. However, some would like to falsely claim it will take about 2-3 years. Such exaggeration and statement is groundless.

6.     The school has absolutely no plan to replace the current sports field with a garage. Instead, it is to upgrade the sports field, and at the same time, accompany it with an UNDERGROUND garage beneath the sports field. The said garage is intended to alleviate the current stress of traffic surrounding the campus, to ensure the students’ safety, and to offer a convenient parking service and student “pick-up” and “drop-off” convenience to both the parents and the teachers.

7.     Finally, we’d like to reiterate, that the central government has officially communicated its encouragement and support to the construction of underground garages in schools. Clifford School has followed the procedures set by the government to complete the project application.


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