Manitoba curriculum

Manitoba is one Canada's provinces. It is known for its flat prairies, stunning views, and icy winters.

The government of Manitoba has partnerships with international schools in Korea, Beijing, Egypt, Ukraine, and here in Panyu. When your child graduates, they will get a high school diploma issued by the government of Manitoba. The Manitoba department of education inspects our school to make sure that we maintain Canadian standards. This means that you can be sure that we closely model schools in Canada.


Manitoba Education provides a variety of resources for schools, teachers, and parents.

Be informed, be involved. Help your child be successful.

Children are more likely to succeed in school when parents or guardians are informed and involved in their education. The Manitoba government recognizes the need to work in collaboration with parents to ensure that all students succeed.

We promote 21st Century Learning

Literacy with Information and Communication Technology means thinking critically and creatively, about information and about communication, as citizens of the global community, while using ICT safely, responsibly, and ethically.

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