Sino-Canadian Manitoba Dual Program


The Sino-Canadian Dual Diploma Program (also known as the Manitoba Program) is authorized by the Guangdong Education Department.  It is signed and supported by Clifford School and the Manitoba Education and Advanced Learning Department (Canada).  The Sino-Can Dual Diploma Program enables students to receive both Canadian and Chinese diplomas once they graduate.      

Canadian High School Diploma


Our graduates earn an internationally-recognized Canadian diploma, issued by the government of the province of Manitoba. 


This diploma provides our graduates with a pathway to Canadian universities and to top universities in the US, the UK, Hong Kong, Korea, Australia, and around the world.

Who is this Program Good For?


This program is open to Mainland Chinese passport holders who have completed ninth grade following the Chinese national curriculum. This program is well-suited to students who

  • want to attend top Canadian universities
  • want a direct path to apply to top universities in the US, UK, Hong Kong, Korea, and around the world
  • have very good English speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills


We help students develop strong university application portfolios

Universities in some countries, including the US, Korea, and Hong Kong, require students to show diverse interests and participation in an array of activities.

Student clubs and extra-curricular activities give students leadership opportunities and chance to make friends and practice English outside the classroom.