Our Teachers

Our teachers are highly qualified, passionate people who love fostering a sense of learning in our students. They attend various types of professional conferences throughout the year to learn about the new and exciting opportunities out there to better teach your children.


They implement both traditional and new creative, hands-on methods to reach all types of learners. We encourage students of various grade levels to interact building strong relationships throughout our unique Grade 1-12 school.


All classrooms have smartboards available, and we are currently in the process of revamping our technology and wifi within the school. Our students are able to come each day to a comfortable, inspiring learning environment with people who expect nothing but the best from each of them.


We are all very proud to call Clifford International OUR school.

Our Facilities

Our school moved into our current building only 3 years ago, and as a result, have facilities that are state of the art!  Our classrooms are large, and are all equipped with both air conditioning and heat.


Our PE program and sports teams make use of our spacious gymnasium, swimming pool and basketball courts outside.  Currently, construction is underway to create a brand new, turf covered athletics field.


A full sized floor hockey arena is also located in our basement.  We currently have 3 computer labs that are both available for classes that are taught, and for teachers to use for research or course work.


Band rooms, drama/dance rooms, multi-purpose rooms, both elementary and secondary libraries, and a full-sized theatre are all added touches that give our students the best possible learning environments.