Guidance Department

     The Clifford Overseas University Application Centre is where students can get help and guidance from our in-house guidance counselor about how and when to apply for universities that interest them.  Assistance will be given with getting references, filling out any paperwork or forms, or sending transcripts.



  • GuidanceDepartment (Chinese)
  • 留学规划指导中心(中文):3477 9724


  • GuidanceDepartment (English)
  • 留学规划指导中心(英文):2383 2804


The 2020-21 Clifford University Schedule

     **Please note that this is subject to change.  Additional visits may get added as they are available.  Based on registration numbers, location may also change.  Please check the school Google Calendar for updates. 






  • Tuesday, October 13:  San Diego State University (12:45 Room 102) 
  • 10月13日,星期三,中午12:45 国际楼102办公室,圣地亚哥州立大学


  • Thursday, October 15: Hong Kong Polytechnic University (12:45 Room 102)
  • 10月15日,星期四,中午12:45 国际楼102办公室,香港理工大学



     **To attand presentations that occur during class time, students must sign out of class through the Guidance office and are responsible for all materials and assignments missed in classes.