The Sino-Can Dual Diploma Program (Manitoba Blended Program)



The Sino-Can Dual Diploma Program (also known as the Manitoba Program) is authorized by the Guangdong Education Department.  It is signed and supported by Clifford School and the Manitoba Education and Advanced Learning Department (Canada).  The Sino-Can Dual Diploma Program enables students to receive both Canadian and Chinese diplomas once they graduate.  The Manitoba (Canada) program is recognized by international universities.  This includes Canada, the United States, and many other Western universities.  The Manitoba (Canada) program offers a reliable and well regarded path for students who desire to study abroad.    


Program Description


The Sino-Can Dual Diploma Program is a combination of Chinese and Canadian education systems.  This program offers both Canadian (Manitoba) and Chinese courses and uses current Canadian resources.  The Chinese textbooks are issued by the Chinese National Ministry of Education.  By combining Chinese courses and Canadian (Manitoba) courses, our curriculum offers both western interactive teaching styles and disciplinary Chinese teaching methods.  This combination fosters students’ ability of independent and critical thinking.  After meeting course requirements and after passing their provincial exams, students receive both Chinese and Canadian (Manitoba) diplomas.  With the Canadian (Manitoba) diploma, graduates can apply directly to international universities.  Students of excellence are eligible to receive scholarships to numerous Canadian and international universities.


Percentage of Chinese and English Instruction per Grade Level:


• Grade 10: 55% Chinese, 45% English

• Grade 11: 35% Chinese, 65% English

• Grade 12: 100% English


Students enrolled in the Sino-Can Dual Diploma Program are required to study the following courses as mandated by Manitoba Education and Advanced Learning Department (Canada):


• Grade 10: Mathematics, Geography, English Language Arts, Science, Physical Education/Health

• Grade 11: Pre-Calculus Mathematics, Canadian History, English Language Arts, Biology, Physical Education/Health

• Grade 12: Pre-Calculus Mathematics, Social Studies, Transactional English, Comprehensive English, Physical Education/Health, Global Issues


Students that are taking the Sino-Can Dual Diploma Program have the opportunity to study numerous optional courses that vary from year to year and are generally offered based on student demand. These optional courses include a number of courses at the AP (Advanced Placement) level, such as: Calculus AB, Chinese Language and Culture, Environmental Science, Human Geography, Micro Economics, Macro Economics, Psychology, Computer Science, United States History, and Statistics. 


2016 Sino-Can Dual Diploma graduates
Anthony (Basketball team/AP student), Jory (Student Council Executive member), Ms. Willett (Humanities & English teacher), and Gemma (Yearbook, Volleyball team/AP student)