Intensive Language Program

   Clifford International has launched an intensive language program for incoming Sino-Can Dual Manitoba Program students that seeks to accelerate the acquisition of English by actively engaging in a variety of tasks, activities and processes. Teachers from several disciplines collaborate to provide students opportunities to improve their English language skills: 

  • Mr. Dorian Burt (AP Calculus, AP Statistics) connects students’ prior math knowledge to the English terminology.
  • Mr. Dave Janssen (Music, Choral, Band) improves students’ pronunciation through song and musical expression.
  • Mr. Ross Longul (Art, Artist-in-Residence) introduces ideas and activities through the artistic process. 
  • Mr. Vlacich (AP World History, AP Economics, English) and Ms. Hicks (English, Drama, Geography, World Issues) coordinate and assess student learning while ensuring students are exposed to listening, speaking, reading and writing English on a daily basis.

   Research shows that EAL students who are actively engaged in authentic learning processes achieve proficiency much more quickly. Our multidisciplinary approach strives to combine and maximize explicit and implicit learning and acquisition by combining a traditional linear (present, practice, produce) approach with a cognitive understanding/reasoning approach. 


“The variables of cognitive demand and context embeddedness apply to both the receptive tasks of listening, reading, and viewing, but also to the productive tasks of speaking, writing, and representing. Communication in a new language is easier if the learner can use context to support the message”


(Freeman and Freeman).


   The intensive language program approach also allows students to relate their prior knowledge and language (Chinese) proficiencies to English. As Cummins (2000) states: “Conceptual knowledge developed in one language helps to make input in the other language comprehensible.”

   Curriculum Framework for English as an Additional Language (EAL) and Literacy, Academics, and Language (LAL) Programming, Manitoba Kindergarten to Grade 12.




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