Current Technology Available

   Currently all of our classrooms are fitted with state of the art smartboards that allow teachers to use current and interactive instructional methods to better engage our students and provide them with fun and current learning opportunities.  Our two computer labs are not only available for various technology and computer classes, but also for teachers and students to use to assist with their classroom projects and learning.  We also are in the process of rolling out iPad carts within our elementary program. 


   Wifi is available through our Guest login for anyone new to our school, and students all have a personal login that they use on a regular basis to assist with classroom learning and projects. Wifi usage is within the limits as stipulated in the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) below. 


   Students from grade 6-12 are encouraged to bring in their own personal devices (laptops, ipads or tablets, phones, etc) to use in class during lessons as directed by their teachers within the confines of the AUP. Teachers are currently going to Professional Development sessions to learn how to better instruct and provide engaging and beneficial for their students.  


   Together we are learning and growing with the use of technology to equip our children with the tools they will need as they grow into their future professions and lives.



CIS Wi-Fi Acceptable Use Policy
CIS Wi-Fi Acceptable Use Policy.pdf
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CIS Wi-Fi User Agreement (wifi)
CIS Wi-Fi User Agreement (wifi).pdf
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