Principal's Message


     Welcome! My name is Matthew Brown and I am the associate principal of the International Program at Clifford School. I have ten years of experience working in the field of education as a teacher and administrator. I am passionate about educational leadership and I believe a strong community is the foundation of a successful and prosperous school. Our student and family community are diverse, engaged, and committed to authentic learning and achievement. It is my goal to support and facilitate the growth and development of the Clifford International Program so that we can provide a superior and forward-thinking curriculum and learning experience for all students. 


     At our school we focus on developing critical thinkers and contributing citizens. Shaping the minds and character of our young learners begins in elementary school. These critical years are a time to empower and inspire students so that they can continue to succeed throughout their educational careers and beyond. 


     Developing contributing citizens means to go above and beyond academics. We want our students to be positive and active members of society who use their intellect and skill set to enrich their community and the lives of the people around them. We aim to provide diverse and fulfilling experiences through events, activities, and celebrations which help develop their character, confidence, and sense of community. By teaching our students to be critical thinkers we are giving them the tools to solve complex and novel problems in an everchanging world. 


     Being an international program, we are in a position to offer a unique and rich learning experience for students. Students have the ability to learn about other cultures, gain a deeper understanding of the global world, and be immersed in a culturally diverse cohort. Students also are provided with many opportunities to expand their skill set through sports, extra-curricular activities, and frequent school events.


     I welcome you and your family to our school community. We are dedicated to providing you with an enriching experience. I plan on getting to know each family in the coming year and I look forward to working with parents as partners in their child’s education. 


Matthew O. Brown

Associate Principal